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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at EggDonorFirst

What are the basic requirements to qualify as an egg donor?

Eligible egg donor applicants are between the ages of 20-29, have a body mass index (BMI) below 27.5, be at least 5’0”, have both ovaries, and have no genetic or reproductive disorders/abnormalities. Applicants must also be non-smokers and abstain from using recreational drugs or Depo Provera birth control. Those who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding are eligible after completely stopping breastfeeding and have had at least one menstrual cycle. Educational attainment higher than High School diploma is preferred, and all ethnicities are invited to apply.

What is the egg donor process?

The first step is to complete an online application that will collect information about your background, family history, medical health, and personality. Next, you will connect with our experienced coordinators to discuss the egg donor process in more detail. Fertility and genetic testing are then set up to ensure medical eligibility. Upon passing the medical screening, your donor profile will become active on our donor matching database.

Donors that are selected by an intended parent will complete further medical, psychological, and genetic screening at the intended parent’s IVF clinic. During this time, an attorney will be provided to help draft a legal agreement between you and intended parent. When all screening is complete, the IVF clinic’s team will work with you to schedule the egg donor cycle. 

A donation cycle lasts about 2 weeks and includes regular appointments and daily injectable medications. The first 1-3 appointments are scheduled locally, and you will stay 4-10 days near the intended parent’s clinic for the rest of the cycle. The eggs are finally retrieved from your ovaries during an egg retrieval procedure. Donors return home 1-2 days following their egg retrieval and may be asked by the IVF clinic to schedule a follow-up ultrasound to complete the egg donor journey.

Is any traveling involved to complete a donor cycle? If yes, how often will I be away from home?

Many of our egg donors are matched with future parents that are not within driving distance to their home. In these cases, your donor coordinator will work with you arrange your flight and hotel to your intended parent’s clinic.

All egg donations would require two trips to your recipient’s clinic: the first is to complete donor screening, while the second is to complete your donor egg cycle. The screening appointment is scheduled on a date that is convenient for you and usually only takes 1 day. Moreover, you’ll visit your intended parent’s clinic for approximately 4-10 days to complete the donor cycle. The exact amount of time varies depending on your medical protocol and when your eggs are ready to be retrieved.

What is the compensation for donating eggs?

You will receive between $10,000-$12,000 for completing an egg donor cycle. Compensation is agreed upon with your donor coordinator and proven egg donors can earn higher compensation amounts. You’ll also gain a sense of achievement knowing that you helped someone grow the family of their dreams!

How are my eggs retrieved?

An egg retrieval is scheduled at your IVF clinic after you have taken a 2-week course of hormonal medications. The medication is designed to stimulate your ovaries to mature multiple eggs as safely as possible. Your doctor will use an ultrasound to guide a long, thin needle through your vaginal canal up towards your ovaries. With light suction, the eggs are retrieved one at a time. Many clinics use anesthesia to minimize discomfort and the process does not involve any incisions or scarring.

What is the difference between a donor agency and an IVF clinic’s donor program?

Donor agencies like EggDonorFirst have partnerships with many IVF clinics and can offer a greater selection of egg donors from across the US, unlike many clinic programs. We take a white-glove approach to find the perfect egg donor for every future parent and serve as the liaison between both parties. We pride ourselves in helping egg donors match faster and it is our mission to always put our egg donors first!

What makes EggDonorFirst different from other agencies or donor programs?

EggDonorFirst was built upon the philosophy that each of our egg donors is a valued member of our family. Our coordinators will go the extra mile to assist egg donors throughout their entire journey, which often results in lasting relationships. Furthermore, we are proud to offer several perks to eligible applicants, such as our one-of-a-kind Wellness Program.

Our Egg Donor Wellness Program starts with a one-on-one consultation with Corry, our certified Wellness Coach. She will help develop your individualized nutritional plan & proper fitness plans, and provides both group as well as individualized support throughout your journey.

What does it mean to be a “pre-qualified” egg donor?

Pre-qualified egg donors are selected by EggDonorFirst to complete some of their screening prior to being matched and it can all be completed at the convenience of your home. Pre-qualification gives future parents peace of mind knowing that the egg donor has already passed basic screening tests, while also speeding up donors’ match wait time. The EDF team will assist all pre-qualified donors with:

1. Completing an at-home AMH blood test

2. An at-home saliva genetic test kit

3. A background check. Once all screening tests are finalized, the donor profile will be presented to prospective parents.

EDF invests with its donors to provide this initial screening at no cost to ensure we earn the trust of our intended parents upfront and save time for all parties involved.

How long does it take to be matched with an intended parent?

The process of choosing an egg donor is a highly personalized experience that often includes different criteria unique to each parent. Some donors are matched within a matter of days, while for some it can take much longer. Our team is invested with helping each donor find their perfect match and will pre-qualify select donors to complete basic fertility and genetic screening upfront. Pre-qualified donors are desirable to intended parents and therefore tend to have shorter match times. Keep in mind that all good things are worth waiting for!

What does my coordinator at EggDonorFirst help me with?

Our experienced team at EggDonorFirst will help you through the entirety of your egg journey, starting with the application process. Our intake team will first walk you through the egg donor process during our initial consult and will instruct you on how to complete donor screening. Once your screening is completed and you have been matched with an intended parent, your coordinator will be taking care of several aspects of your donor journey. From arranging your travel to liaising with your IVF clinic, your coordinator is working to make sure everything goes smoothly. Think of your EggDonorFirst coordinator as your partner, here to support you through every step of the way.

What information from my donor profile do intended parents see?

A donor profile showcases an array of vital information that helps intended parents choose their perfect donor. Donor profiles highlight personal characteristics, medical history, fertility history, lifestyle, family health history, photos, videos, and genetic testing results (if applicable). When filling out your donor application, please keep in mind that it serves as the ‘first impression’ to potential parents so be sure to stand out and let your personality shine!

Why do I need to provide information about myself and my family members?

Intended parents are looking to gather information about their egg donor’s personal health and family history to help them have a beautiful, healthy baby. By understanding more about you and your family, parents can better determine if you have the characteristics that they are looking for. Many intended parents also share their egg donor’s health history with their child to educate them about any medical conditions that may run in their biological history.

I don’t know details about my extended family members’ medical history. Is that OK?

The short answer is, it depends. At a minimum, we are looking for egg donors that can provide a full health history about their biological parents, grandparents, and siblings. Our application also asks if any aunts, uncles, and cousins have chronic medical conditions. If you have any gaps of knowledge regarding your family’s health history, we invite you to ask your family members! Providing a complete summary of your family health history is a vital piece of the egg donation puzzle.

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