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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at San Diego Fertility Center

Will egg donation impact my future fertility?

No!  Every woman is born with millions of eggs and each cycle monthly many of these eggs are naturally lost since only one matures until it becomes ready to ovulate. During the egg donation process, those eggs that would have naturally been lost during your cycle are instead stimulated and retrieved.

What are common side effects of egg donation?

Most of our donors have easy recoveries, but it is common to feel constipated/bloated because of the medication you are on.  Donors also can feel sore and have light cramping following surgery as well.

How long does it take for me to get chosen?

There is no average timing for how long it takes for you to be chosen to complete an egg retrievla.  You are specifically chosen by an intended parent (term used to describe the patients who need an egg donor) to complete an egg retrieval so some donors are chosen within minutes of their profile becoming activated and some it can take months.  It varies significantly. 

How will I be compensated?

You will receive your compensation check immediately after you complete an egg retrieval.  Compensation starts at $8,000 and rises to $20,000 per cycle.  The compensation goes up as you complete more egg retrievals.  

How time consuming is being an egg donor?

It is key to have a flexible schedule when participating in egg donation as all your appointments will take place Monday-Friday in the morning.  We are unable to accommodate afternoon/weekend appointments as at times we receive same day results.  

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