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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at Signature Egg Donation

Why Signature?

Created by women, for women, Signature has our egg donor’s best interest at heart. Our team supports you at every step of the way, in whatever way feels best. This includes options for professional psychological support, and other wellness ventures.

How many times can I donate?

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine suggests a maximum of 6 donation procedures.

Is egg donation anonymous?

Anonymity is a choice made by the donor. If the donor chooses to be anonymous, Signature protects their identity at all costs. If the donor chooses for the matched intended parents to have the option of knowing the donor’s identity, Signature will facilitate the introduction of both parties. From this point, the relationship is up to the donor and intended parents, and Signature will no longer be involved with communication.

Can I donate with Signature if I have previously donated with a different agency or clinic?

Yes, we welcome experienced donors, and are likely entitled to higher compensation.

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