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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at CRM

What is an egg donor?

The brief definition of an egg donor is a female who donates her eggs to a recipient to help them get pregnant using in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, CRM doesn't just look for anyone to donate their eggs; we look for qualified, responsible donors who want to help others achieve their dreams of starting a family.

What are the basic requirements?

Donors must be between the ages of 21 and 30 with a BMI of 18-28 (average height to weight ratio). 

How long is the donation process?

While it is difficult to give an exact timeframe, we estimate that completing your first donation cycle can range anywhere from 2 to 3 months from the start of the application process through the egg donation.

Step 1: Apply to become an egg donor by filling out our online application.

Step 2: Answer any follow-up questions our team has about your family's medical history, etc.

Step 3: Visit our office for fertility health & genetic testing and a one-on-one meeting with our Donor Nurse Coordinator. Note: you’ll receive the results of your fertility health screening & genetic testing for free! (Learning more about your fertility health is a great benefit of becoming an egg donor.)

Step 4: Once you are approved to move forward with an egg donation cycle, we'll provide medications to help stimulate your egg production, then you'll visit our office for your egg retrieval.

Will donating affect my ability to have my own children?

No, the donation process, along with the medications, will not affect your future fertility.  There is no research supporting any adverse effects on your current or future fertility.

Is donating painful?

There are some discomforts during the stimulation process due to blood tests, ultrasound, & injections. The egg retrieval process is performed under IV sedation & is minimally invasive, with no incisions, stitches, or risk for scars.

Does the medication cause side effects?

Most donors respond to the medications very well with little to no side effects.  Some of the more common side effects include period like symptoms.

When will I receive my compensation?

You will receive your $5,000 - $5,5000 compensation for your time within 2-3 weeks after your retrieval. Generous young women who are willing and able to participate in this process bring new hope to couples who have struggled to conceive. Although compensation for time is provided for egg donation at our Orlando, Florida practice, the majority of women who become egg donors find the rewards of helping another person have a child much greater than the monetary benefit.

How many times can I donate?

Donors are able to donate six times within their lifetime which means you may earn up to $32,500. With their fourth donation cycle, donors may qualify for complimentary egg preservation.

Can I be on birth control?

Yes, most forms of birth control are acceptable. However, any long term birth control methods such as Depo-Provera or Implanon would need to be discontinued for you to be considered for the program.

Who am I donating to?

CRM partners with My Egg Bank, the #1 frozen egg bank in North America. The majority of egg donor recipients are individuals who have struggled to conceive a child of their own, or male-male couples who are seeking an egg donor and surrogate to carry their child.

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