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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at KindEOS

I want to apply with Alternative Reproductive Resources, (ARR). Why was I taken to this page?

ARR is now KindEOS. Find the same amazing program support and care, now powered by Kindbody. Our Coordinators will be happy to address additional questions. 

Should I fill out the prescreen even if I am uncertain as to whether I want to donate?

Absolutely! Applicants who fill out the prescreen are not obligated to proceed and sometimes it is just fun to know if you qualify.

May I donate with KindEOS if I am a previous donor?

Absolutely, we love working with experienced donors and will compensate you an additional $500 for each successful previous donation cycle you have completed.  

How much can I earn from donation?

Remember that donors are paid an increased portion at each donation. As a first-time donor you earn $8,000 and on your second cycle you earn $8,500. If you continue and donate the full six times you can earn as much as $55,500.

How many times may I donate?

In most cases, you may donate a total of six times.

What are the qualifications for becoming an KindEos egg donor?

Generally, KindEOS egg donors need to be young, healthy, stable, informed, and committed. More specifically, we are looking for women in their twenties, with a BMI of 30 or less, who are nonsmokers, and know, with reasonable detail, your own health history as well as your family’s. Donors also need to be comfortable with the realities of egg donation, namely the idea that their donation will help another family have a child.

Do I need a college degree to donate with KindEOS?

KindEOS is especially interested in working with egg donors who have college degrees or are current university students and who are committed to proceeding with the process in an efficient manner.

Can I donate my eggs if I am on medication?

Taking medication is not an absolute disqualifier. We encourage you to be upfront and honest about all health conditions and medications. Most circumstances require specific consideration, your may as well.  

Will my application responses be followed up on?

Nearly every topic covered on the KindEOS application will be confirmed by a doctor’s written note, clinical screening, a background check, a mental health consultation, etc. This is yet another reason to be upfront and honest on your application.

Will I have to sign anything?

Yes, and you will work with a licensed attorney whose job it will be to ensure that you fully understand all that you are committing to. 

Will donating my eggs hurt my own fertility?

No. there is no evidence that donation will harm your fertility and it certainly does not cause harm to your egg reserve. That said, egg donors deserve an increase in the research conducted on long term results. If you are interested in peer reviewed research on the matter, we are happy to provide you with direction!

If I pass the prescreen, should I immediately fill out the full application?

Yes, please! If you pass the KindEOS prescreen, and wish to proceed, we do encourage you to jump right to that full application and complete it in one sitting, if possible. An efficient start helps to make the experience more fulfilling and provides you with more control over your timeline. (We can always slow down but making up for lost time is harder.)

How do egg donors feel about their donations years after?

Reflections are varied. A scientific study attempted to address this question and found that: “The majority of donors reported post donation satisfaction.... Some donors say they rarely think about having donated and often forget that they have done so. Others share that it is a continued source of pride for them and that they consider it a great achievement." (Source)

Who most often works with egg donors?

The majority of egg recipients are hereto women over the age of 40, who have been directed by their fertility doctor to work with a donor to improve their chances of conception. 

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