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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at My Donor Connection

How soon will I start?

The matching process varies on the number of intended parents viewing the database at any given time. Most intended parents are looking for a donor that matches specific criteria or physical similarity to the family.

Do I have to travel?

This depends on the location of the recipient’s clinic. If you decide to match with an out-of-state couple, you will be required to travel on two separate occasions, first for the initial screening appointment which will be an overnight trip, and again for the retrieval week which can range from 5-10 days.

Am I compensated?

You will be compensated for your time and commitment to the donation process. We allow our donors to set their own compensation. Compensation for first-time donors often starts around $10,000.

Are there side effects?

Many donors go through the process with no side effects; however, some may experience mild mood swings, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Will this affect my future fertility?

Donating your eggs does not appear to decrease your future fertility. Many studies have been conducted on the long-term health risks of egg donation, but to date, none have produced any findings of long-term health risks.

Are there risks involved?

There are always risks with any medical procedure. The primary risk with egg donation is Ovarian Hyperstimulation. This can range from mild to severe; however, it is rare and affects only 1-3% of cases. Every effort will be made by the ordering physician to monitor your stimulation closely to avoid the chance of this happening.

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