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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at SJ Fertility

Why Donate your eggs?

Egg donation is a beautiful gift to help make aspiring parent(s) dreams come true at any stage of their journey. Some of our families have been on the path to parenthood for years having faced failure and heartbreak, while others may be just starting out with a chosen gestational carrier. Helping families build their families is an incredible way to give back—and also prepare for your own future as you will be compensated for your time and travel.

Young women who choose to donate their eggs are giving a powerful and invaluable gift to these men and women.


Who can donate eggs?

A healthy woman of any ethnicity between 21 years and 31 years old may be qualified to be a donor. Qualified donors will be compensated for their time and effort. Women who are interested in becoming an egg donor should fill out our initial questionnaire and follow the steps to the application and a Coordinator will contact you to go over the process with you.

Egg Donor Screening

Part of the egg donor process is having a comprehensive health evaluation. You’ll receive a full work up checking your reproductive health, and genetic screening to determine your risk for inheritable conditions. If you are approved as a donor and your first donation cycle is successful, you could be approved for up to six donation cycles. Of course, the choice of how many cycles you commit to is completely up to you.

Does donating my eggs affect future fertility for myself?

No. Each month many eggs are dissolved and absorbed by ovulating women’s bodies prior to the selection of the single egg that will be ovulated. Fertility medications preserve a portion of these excess eggs which the body would have ordinarily discarded. Therefore no additional eggs are used up in the process.

How long will the donation process take?

Once your profile is approved and made active on our site recipients will be able to start reviewing your profile. Once you are selected by a recipient the donation process can take 2 to 3 months. 

Does the egg retrieval process hurt, how soon can I return to work?

You will receive light IV sedation during the egg retrieval process, but you may have some discomfort afterwards. Every person has a different experience but most are able to return to work the next day, and others may need an additional day to recover from the procedure.

How am I compensated for my donation?

Due to the dedication, time and effort required by participation in the donor egg program, you will receive adequately compensation and pay for each donation cycle you complete ($8,000). Compensation is paid after your egg retrieval.

Egg Donor Privacy

Rest assured that South Jersey Fertility Center egg donor process will always protect your privacy. Your identity will not be shared with the intended parent of your eggs.

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