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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at New Hope Fertility

Can you donate if you're on medications or would you have to stop medications?

In order to donate,  you will have to disclose all the medication you are currently taking. The doctor will take this into consideration to ensure you can proceed without any health risk. 

What state do you have to be in to donate at your center?

New Hope Fertility Center is located in New York. However we welcome donors from all over the United States. We will assist with remote monitoring, and you will fly to New York when it is time for your egg retrieval. 

Does BMI have anything to do with donating your eggs?

Your BMI is your Body Mass Index. A high or low BMI can interfere with your ovulation stimulation, your egg development and quality. 

If you're on birth control/IUD, can you do this?

If you are on birth control you can donate. However, you will have to discontinue your birth control and follow the physicians recommendation. Allowing the doctor to control the timing your menstrual cycle for your egg donation.  

Can I do this after having a hysterectomy?

A woman who had a hysterectomy is not the ideal candidate for egg donation. 

Can someone with PCOS donate?

PCOS is attributed to irregular periods. If you have irregular periods you do not meet the preliminary requirement of egg donation.

Can I donate if I just had a baby?

Yes, once you are fully healed and no longer nursing you can proceed with egg donation.  We recommend a six month waiting period. 

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