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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at NRM VT

What is egg donation?

Egg (or oocyte) donation refers to the process of selecting and retrieving eggs from an egg donor. The egg donor agrees to anonymously donate her eggs to a person who cannot use their own eggs to become pregnant or does not have access to eggs. To do this, the donor takes fertility medications to produce multiple eggs prior that are surgically retrieved for use in an IVF cycle. These eggs will be combined with sperm to create embryos.

Why donate your eggs?

The majority of donors state that the primary benefit to them is the knowledge that they’ve helped someone have a baby. Often, donors have had personal experience with friends or family members who have struggled with infertility and have seen how devastating it can be — and they want to help. Lastly there is financial compensation to your for egg donation 

What is the egg donor financial compensation?

As a NRM donor, you will earn $4,000 for your donation! If you decide to donate again or you have a proven pregnancy record the compensation is increased to $4750!*

*At any point after you’ve taken the injectable medications and before you go through the egg retrieval, if your cycle is cancelled for any reason other than second thoughts on your part, you will be paid $500 for the time and effort you have already given. If you choose to cancel the cycle after you’ve started the injectable medications, you will not be compensated. 

Who should consider egg donation?

Healthy young women between the ages of 21 and 34 who have regular menstrual periods and don’t smoke are eligible for anonymous egg donor screening. Women who smoke or have risks of infectious disease will not be eligible for egg donation.

Does donating your eggs affect your fertility?

No. There is no evidence that donating your eggs will impact your fertility if you are young, healthy, and have excellent ovarian reserve.

Does donating your eggs hurt?

The majority of donors find that they have no problems with the injectable medications.

Some people experience mild discomfort when getting their blood drawn.

Some egg donors experience bloating or discomfort as their follicles grow. While this is normal, we will closely monitor you for any signs of moderate to severe hyperstimulation, or “OHSS” (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), leading to abdominal distention, pain, or other medical concerns.

The surgical egg retrieval is done under anesthesia with pain medication going through your IV. You may have some cramping similar to a menstrual period for 2-3 days after the procedure; part of your medication packet includes pain medication that you can take if you need it.

Do you find out who receives your eggs? Do recipients find out who their donor is?

No. While there are some situations where donors and recipients either know each other or are related, our egg donor bank is anonymous. Neither the donor nor the recipients know who the other party is in their process.

How long does the process take? And will I need to give myself shots?

The process of screening to be accepted into the anonymous egg donor pool can take about 2-3 months.

Once your profile has been chosen by a recipient and your cycles have been synchronized, the actual IVF process takes about 3 weeks. 

The shots are done at home. You can do them yourself or have a friend or family member help you. Our extraordinary clinical staff will teach you how to mix and administer your medication.

What are the steps in the process?

The first step is to submit your information below to our Donor Coordinator.

Following your initial eligibility determination done by our staff after you submit your information, we will schedule a physician appointment, ultrasound and lab testing, and mental health screening. All of this at no cost to you!

You will then undergo the Matching Process to match you to the recipient(s). Once you are matched, we will coordinate your cycle with the recipients, and prepare you for ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval!

Why choose to become an egg donor with NRM?

Our providers and staff have 15 years experience with donor egg IVF and are skilled in matching donors and recipients and juggling the multiple aspects of third-party reproduction.

NRM boasts a brand-new, state-of-the-art office space and lab in Colchester, Vermont, with convenient access and free parking. You won’t have to travel out of the state to complete an IVF cycle for a recipient many miles away.

NRM staff is caring, sensitive, and understands the delicate nature of an anonymous egg donor/recipient relationship. We are committed to ensuring your anonymity and privacy throughout your experience, from your initial contact through your egg retrieval.

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What are my responsibilities if I agree to become a donor?

The responsibilities of egg donors are:

  • Be truthful in all portions of the donor screening process.
  • Follow the doctors' orders during the treatment cycle.
  • Adhere strictly to your medication and appointment schedule.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the egg retrieval procedure.
  • Refrain from high-impact activities such as running, biking and jumping during your egg donation cycle
  • Abstain from sex from the time you start the hormone medication until three weeks after your egg retrieval, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and make sure the cycle proceeds as planned.
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