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Frequently Asked Question for Egg Donors at Poma Fertility

What are the qualifications to become a donor at Poma Fertility?
What are the benefits to becoming an Egg Donor with Poma Fertility?
  • Compensation for completing a cycle begins at $7,000
  • Free medical care that includes information about your own fertility and genetic screening that not only benefits you but others in your family
  • Knowing that you are doing something truly amazing by helping those see their dreams of a family become possible.  Recipients of Donor Eggs express how very grateful they are to the heroes who are willing to help them.
  • Referral bonus of $500 for referring a friend who completes a cycle with Poma
Will this cost me anything?

No.  All of your medications, ultrasounds, and labs necessary to donate are covered by Poma

Is it painful?
  • During the IVF process, you will do a series of little stomach self-injections similar to insulin injections.  This area of the body contains few nerve endings and therefore these are considered to not be painful.
  • The Egg Retrieval itself is done under what is known as conscious sedation.  This is anesthesia similar to that used for colonoscopies and other minor procedures.  You will be asleep, but this is not general anesthesia.
Will donating my eggs harm my future ability to have children?

By the time you arrive at puberty, you have about 400,000 eggs.  Each month, the body recruits a single egg from this month’s antral follicles to mature.  The remaining eggs experience atresia and are no longer available.  With egg donation, you take medication to help mature most of this month’s follicles – thus having a purpose for the eggs that would have otherwise been normally lost to you.  There is no evidence that Egg Donation has any effect on future fertility or timing of menopause.

What side effects can I expect?

The most common side effect of IVF medications is bloating.  This is due to the fact that multiple follicles on your ovaries will begin to grow and thus, the size of your ovaries enlarge.  Other potential side effects, though not common are headaches, nausea, and temporary weight gain.

Can egg donation be dangerous?

As with any procedure, there carry theoretical risks of bleeding and infection though these are considered to be quite rare.  We will ask you to stop any high impact exercise after the 5th day of medication to prevent torsion (twisting) of your ovaries.  You should not resume sexual intercourse until you have your period (which typically comes 7-10 days later) after the retrieval to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

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