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April 2023 Software Updates

EDC Software Updates: April 2023

April 3, 2023

This is the first of a series of EDC enhancement articles in Q2 2023.

Please stay tuned for some game changing features we will share in the coming weeks 🚀.

Here are a few noteworthy software updates for your review:

1. Security Enhancements 🛡️

We invested heavily in cybersecurity during Q1 as part of our ongoing commitment to keep your patients data safe. Our recent security investments:

  • Completed a multi-week HIPAA compliance assessment with an independent auditor
  • Introduced two-factor authentication (via text or email) for all admin accounts
  • Implemented Microsoft Azure's latest firewall to protect against bot attacks and to identify and immediately block malicious activity.

2. Improved conversion rates🚀

Ask for a zip code instead of full address on your prescreen

On your prescreen, you can now ask for a zip code. EDC will then automatically fill out the donor/GC's city & state on their full application.

Only asking for a zip code makes filling out a prescreen 6-10 seconds faster, which results in a boost to your prescreen conversion rate.

Upgraded reCAPTCHA on prescreens and IP registration

To secure your database from spam, EDC uses reCAPTCHA to make sure your applications are coming from real people.

Previously, EDC used an "I'm not a robot checkbox"(shown below). However, we upgraded to the latest version of reCAPTCHA which allows the majority of applicants to skip having to prove they're not a robot.😊

Improved full questionnaire conversion rates

When donors/GCs log in to complete their full application, they are now taken to the page they left off on. Previously, returning donors/GCs were shown a list of pages in your application and selected the page they wanted to jump back in to.

This sounds like a small update but it's led to 6% more completed questionnaires.

3. "Deep Dive Reporting"📊

To help you make data-driven decisions… On all donor/GC application reports, you can now click on a number to see the individual donors who make up that statistic.

As an example, if you click on the number of donors in testing from your Google ad campaign (circled below):

A pop-up will appear showing you all of the individual donors who came from your Google ad and made it to testing:

4. Text with Intended Parents via EDC 📱

Texting egg donors & GCs in EDC is one of our most popular features because of how much more responsive people are to text messages.

We recently added the ability for you to text intended parents as well.

5. Donors/GCs can now text you photos📱

Looking for an easier way to receive photos from an egg donor or GC?

You're in luck! You can now receive photos via text message in EDC:

6. Document organization 📁

We have also introduced document organization, which empowers you to organize encrypted documents for donors, surrogates, and intended parents into folders, (shown below):

And nickname your documents (shown below) to something more meaningful: